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The company started its activity in 1979 with the first production of anti-slip ramps.

The Barichello brothers introduced a new product in the construction industry market which has gained great success over the years.

Since 1979 Barichello S.r.L. modified progressively the method used to construct its anti-slip ramps, until obtaining in the last ten years the best results with a product which is safe and aesthetically homogenous to the various urban typologies.  

Today Barichello S.r.L. offers a construction product which guarantees the access to every kind of vehicle, technical assistance, and a choice of colours according to the property needs.

Furthermore the methods used by Barichello S.r.L. guarantee that its products have a longer duration compared to other improvised methods of production which make the coexistence of the casting of concrete and the coating of quartz topping unsteady.

Moreover since 1979 Barichello S.r.L. guarantees: reliability, cleanliness and respect of the environment, in addition to the professionalism in the planning of the works.

Barichello S.r.L. works in the various construction sites with skilled workers specialised in the construction of anti-slip ramps.

The logo of Barichello S.r.l. was realised in 2001 and it represents the stylised indentation of the detail of an anti-slip ramp. The colours grey and red represent two of the main colours used for those kinds of work. The trademark of Barichello S.r.L. is registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Treviso.

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